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👩‍🎨 If you want to learn about System Design, check out my playlist here:

Introduction to System Design | System Design Beginner’s Course 2022
The all-in-one system design course for software engineers! You will learn about both the theory and how to design real life applications like Instagram, You...
Apache Kafka Crash Course 2021
Fundamentals of Kafka along with more advanced topics like partitioning and consumer groups related to scaling Kafka.Contact: irtizahafiz9@gmail.comWebsite: ...

😎 If you want to check out some apps I build, check out my playlist here:

Boba Discovery Full Stack App | Python Flask, React JS & Chakra UI
In this video I build a full stack application to find nearby Boba places! I use the Yelp API to get business information. From tech perspective, I use React...

🤖 Some cool automation I created to make life easier:

Workout Tracking App Using Notion API, Python Flask & React JS Charts
In this video I use the Notion API to create a full stack application to visualize workout data. We build the full stack application from scratch, explaining...